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Acclaim Pest Control

Providing You, Your Home and Business Safe From Un-invited Guests

Acclaim has been a household name in pest control for 30 years. This second generation company has been protecting  homes and businesses like yours, long before the words ‘environmental’ or ‘recycling’ became popular terms.

Homes, schools, hotels, care homes and places of work all benefit from high quality, reliable pest control.

Acclaim Environmental

Compliant Pest Control Service for demanding Industry Standards

Pioneering the responsible use of pesticides for pest control, Acclaim helps to keep your business free from any manner of un-invited guest. This means a cleaner safer enviroment for your workers and visitors.

Acclaim’s knowledge of industry legislation means, when you use Acclaim, you will always be in safe hands.

How Can Acclaim Help You?

Providing Quality & Reassurance For 30 Years


Acclaim Pest Control For Your Home

Acclaim has a dedicated pest control team with a wealth of knowledge. They will keep you and your family safe from those uninvited guests, like wasps, ants, fleas, bedbugs, birds, rats and mice.

With 100’s of happy domestic customers, no company is better qualified to keep your home and living environment clear of pests.

If you would like to discuss a problem Call Now on 0800 092 5259 that way our team can find out the best way to help you.


Hygiene & Cleaning_JPEG-VerticalProfessional Standards

Acclaim is fully conversant with FDA requirements for GMP pharmaceutical, and Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI).

The company also has experience with:

  •  FDA hazards and analysis and critical control points (HACCP)
  • European Standards on pest management services (EN 16636) supporting food, pharmaceutical and allied industries throughout Europe, USA and the far east.
  • British Retail Consortium Standard (pest control) assessments and audits

Working with Acclaim means you’re always ensured a level of work to meet commercial and legal standards.


Environmental_JPEG-VerticalAcclaim Commercial Services

Every industry is governed by its own set of safety and hygiene regulations, in addition to quality management and environmental controls. Pest Control is no exception to this. Acclaim technicians carry out procedures to the highest industrial standards.

These standards bring enormous benefits to our customers. Pest related risks and associated diseases are mitigated, potentially dangerous damage to buildings and electrical wiring (from rodents) is reduced, and problems with product contamination are erradicated.


Ecology-&-Recycling_NEW-VerticalHealthy Commitment

Acclaim cares about the environment in which we all live and work. The company is committed to reducing its own carbon footprint and imact on the planet.

One key issue already addressed by Acclaim is the amount of toxic chemicals used by the company in the removal of uninvited guests.

All chemicals are kept to an absolute minimum, reducing damage to the natural eco-system. Acclaim is also part of many initiatives that help clients to recycle hazardous items, like fluorescent lighting tubes, which are removed and disposed of safely.

Acclaim also runs a 24 hr Emergency Service for all its domestic and commercial clients CALL 0800 092 5259.

The Acclaim Blog

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